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Do I need hosting ?

Great! Youv'e opened your account and bought your domain name lets call it, what can you do with it ?

Do I need to buy hosting ?
The short answer is no.

You can get yourself up and running with no additional cost by using the services of the company that you use to connect to the internet. This company is called your Internet Service Provider or ISP.

You almost certainly have an e-mail account that has been provided by your ISP that you already use and is probably something like

You can simply use the e-mail forwarding options in your 123 reg control panel to have all mail sent to that mail account. E.g. mail addressed to would be sent to

You can then configure your e-mail program (e.g. outlook express) to show sent mail as having come from The general account configuration section of Outlook Express is shown below, if you don't use OE then your e-mail programme should have something similar.

The servers section remains unchanged, still using the settings given to you by your ISP.

Picture of the account settings dialogue box in Outlook Express

Your ISP may also offer you some web space too and you can simply use the web forwarding option in your 123 reg control panel to send anyone who types to your free webspace. You will need to get instructions on how to activate and publish files to your free webspace from your ISP They will also give you its web address which is usually of the form

Those simple steps have now got you an e-mail address in the format and visitors to will be sent to whatever pages you have published in your free web space

So why would I want to pay for hosting ? >>>>>