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The Domain Name

So you have decided that you want to set up your own web site, or perhaps just want to have an email address that is distinctive, how do you go about it ?

The first thing that your require is a domain name. A domain name is the name that everyone on the internet will know your site by e.g.

Domain names come in many variations and prices, and it may take some searching to find a name you like at a price that you are happy to pay. The first step is to note down some variations of a name that you like then you can do an availability check.

Most surnames have been bought in the common domain suffixes (eg and .com) and you may have to experiment with some variations such as thesmithfamily instead of just smith.

NI Webservers do not register domain names however we are very happy to recommend 123reg as an good company who offer excellent prices. You can get to their web site by clicking on their button underneath the menu or here and opening an account is straight forward.

123 reg register the domain in your name and give you a web based control panel to fully control how it functions, unlike some other registrar's they do not charge you to make changes or move your domain to another company.