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So why buy hosting?

Buying a shared hosting account is like having your own server without the hassle of having to manage it.

A Shared server offers you the following extra facilities over most ISP's free webspace.

  • The ability to set up extra email accounts for other users (each user could have their own POP3 mailbox, no more sharing!)
  • Set up mailing lists.
  • Have an email accout autorespond (ie I'm out of the office now!).
  • Spam filtering
  • Install and run your own scripts (as well as those provided free)
  • Use databases
  • Have parts of you site protected (visitors need a username and password)
  • Have detailed statistics on who is visiting your site.
  • Have your own error pages.
  • All the features controlled from your own control panel
  • Have your own subdomains. (eg

Free scripts include

Portals, Bulleten Boards, Chat Rooms, Photo Gallery, Auction Software, Web Callender, Blogs, Guest Book and Site Search